Lanman Oil
About Lanman Oil Company
Lanman Oil Company has been in business for 58 years. Bob Lanman started the company in 1948, in Charleston, IL as he was an Agent for Amoco. In 1976, Bob and his brother Jim Lanman formed the business into an Amoco jobbership - At this time agriculture was the main focus for Lanman selling Amoco fuel and lubricants.

Bob and Jim are both retired now, leaving the business is in the hands of Jim's son Mike Lanman. Mike started with the company driving a fuel truck himself in 1988 and has had his hands into every aspect of the business at one point or another over his career.

The business has grown quite significantly since 1948, when it started with two tank wagon trucks hauling fuel to the farm. The amount of trucks hauling fuel to the farm and industry today has grown from two to twelve. The area of delivery has grown with the business as well. The territory has grown from the home town of Charleston to serve East Central and Western Indiana. Lanman Oil Company in addition to it's fuel business; also, offers Exxon Mobil Lubricants, Marathon fuel and lubricants, and aviation and racing gasolines.

Lanman Transportation a division of Lanman Oil has over 12 semi-trucks to service its customers. You can reach Steve Way at 217-348-8434.

P.O. Box 108, Charleston, IL 61920, Phone: 1-800-677-2819, Email: